Missouri City Pest Control

Outdoor pests can ruin a barbecue or your children’s playtime in the backyard. From scorpions to mosquitoes, these common pests create a nuisance and cause pain with their penetrating stings. To make matters worse, it’s hard to eliminate the pests from your home with conventional over-the-counter products. If outdoor pests threaten your home, let Bugs-Or-Us step in and save the day.

Mosquitoes, Scorpions and Termites

Mosquito-4Mosquitoes inhabit the entire world and thrive in the early spring all the way to autumn. They live and breed around stagnant water and spread a variety of diseases, such as West Nile virus and encephalitis. Mosquitoes swarm in great numbers and feed on the blood of both humans and animals.

Scorpions thrive in warmer climates and have a characteristic tail that yields a long stinger at the tip. While the United States only has two venomous scorpion species, you can find them throughout Texas. We also have a number of nonvenomous scorpions in Texas, but their sting still hurts and causes a dangerous situation for kids and small pets. Scorpions seek shelter in masonry cracks, under rocks and in wood piles in your yard.

If termites can damage over 10 pounds of wood in less than a month, just imagine what they can do when they attack your home. These stubborn pests feed on wood and consume floorboards, walls, furniture and more. Termites look similar to ants and multiply into great colonies that actively destroy their surroundings.

Professional Pest Control Services

Want help eliminating these invasive pests from your home? Contact Bugs-Or-Us for a free quote. We offer complete evaluations and provide the ultimate defense and eradication plan.

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