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Your home belongs to you, so why let cockroaches and other outside invaders ruin your happy home? From summer through winter, outdoor pests from roaches to termites do everything possible to invade and take over your home. These pests cause a variety of problems, from contaminating your living space to damaging your home’s structure and foundation.

Cockroaches, Bed Bugs and Termites

TermitesNo matter the time of year, cockroaches lurk around your home in search of cracks and crevices. They crawl into your home and settle behind the walls or in damp areas, such as the bathroom. At night, these small invaders crawl over toothbrushes and search for food in pantries. If you see cockroaches during the day, it means you have a serious roach infestation lurking just behind the walls.

Bed bugs may not spread diseases, but they cause itchy bite marks and trigger allergies. They live and breed in your mattress lining and can survive in carpets and on furniture. Once these pests establish in great numbers, it takes a professional to eradicate them completely from a home.

Termites, otherwise known as silent invaders, look similar to ants and cause severe damage over time. Termites attack your home from below and above the ground, and they multiply quickly and cause billions of dollars in damages each year to residential homes. They even feed on outdoor furniture and can destroy more than 10 pounds of wood in a month.

Calling in the Professionals

Do you need help getting rid of cockroaches, bed bugs and termites? Contact Bugs-Or-Us for a free quote. We provide a thorough evaluation and determine the best course of action to rid your home of these small but determined invaders.

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