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Don’t Throw Out Your Furniture.  We Can Kill Bed Bugs and Save Your Belongings!

Bed Bugs on Mattress

We were able to save it!

Bed Bugs Traveling

Medium infestation.

Bed Bugs On Sofa

See all the stages here.

Bed Bug Bites

Bit over 100 times!

Why are so many people using Bugs-Or-Us to get rid of bed bugs?

  Kills All Stages of a Bed Bug’s Life Cycle

  Non-Toxic Treatment Technology

  100% Family & Pet Safe!

  Physical Removal of Visible Specimens

Do Not:

 Throw Away Furniture
 Spray Chemicals


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Bugs-Or-Us Is The “Best” Pest Control Houston Company

Enjoy a pest-free home and business thanks to Bugs-Or-Us, a residential and commercial Houston pest control company. Since 2001, our family-owned and operated business has successfully eradicated stubborn bugs and rodents from thousands of properties in Houston and the surrounding areas. From ants to bats, our team delivers exceptional customer service and strives to drive pests away from your home for good.

Fast, Effective & Reliable Pest Control Services

Bugs-Or-Us offers more than fast, friendly service; we also provide reliable pest control service you can count on. We use the latest equipment and keep up with the newest pest control treatments and techniques for the best results. Our curative maintenance techniques ensure complete elimination of pest infestations in and around your home, and our preventative maintenance service keeps the bugs from coming back.

Controlling Bed Bugs and Other Invasive Pests in Houston

Houston provides a haven for a variety of pests which include bed bugs, bird mites, cockroaches and rodents. For bed bugs in Houston we offer our special heat-treatment service that consists of eco-friendly, direct-fired devices for elevating the ambient temperature to a level that kills bed bugs and other invasive pests. Using a heat treatment means having no toxic pesticides inside your home that leave behind harmful chemical residue.

We specialize in residential and commercial pest control, removing everything from carpenter ants and rats to mosquitoes, and rodent removal in Houston. Even spiders, scorpions and other Houston-area arachnids don’t stand a chance against our professional, experienced team. We can even eliminate termite infestations and prevent costly damage to your home and business.

Attention: You Can’t Fight Bed Bugs Alone – Call a Professional!


1. Professional Inspection
If you believe that you have found bed bugs in your home then it is important to have an inspection completed as soon as possible so that we can identify where they are and if they have spread to any other areas of your home.

2 . Preparation
We will email a simple preparation checklist to you that will explain how to prepare your home for treatment. ​We help you every step of the way!

3. Professional Treatment
We use only the best products to treat your home. All of our products are EPA approved. Our Integrated Pest Management approach helps to ensure that the bed bugs are eliminated. We stand behind our treatments by warranting our work.

Attention: You Can’t Fight Bed Bugs Alone – Call a Professional!
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