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Much as with other major metropolitan areas, the many amenities of Houston and its surrounding communities are marred by swarming pests that inevitably annoy, bite, sting and chew until the cows don’t come home for fear of what might greet them.

It’s one thing to invite a few guests over for a good old time, but it’s quite another thing to be repeatedly met by an unwanted host of spiders, ticks, ants, fleas, termites, mice and other creepers with absolutely no respect for human needs.

Fortunately, pest control techniques have evolved along with the rise of human civilization, and the team at Bugs-Or-Us holds dear the many tools and methods for eliminating and preventing pestiferous invasions.

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Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs may serve as amusing topics for simple bedtime rhymes, but very few people suffering from the itching and blood spots that typically accompany bedbug infestations find anything whatsoever amusing about the situation. Contrary to popular rumor, bed bugs can thrive equally well in otherwise clean environments as they do in dirty environments, and a surprising range of businesses beyond hotels have found bed bugs on their premises in recent years. Indeed, bed bugs have risen to prominence in regular news reports about further outbreaks of this emotionally distressing problem. Being systematically used night after night as a yummy source of food in their own bedrooms strikes at the heart of what people expect from the supposed safety of their homes and hotel rooms. Ad-hoc remedies can sometimes temporarily reduce the immediate scope of the problem, but bed bugs excel at settling into hidden refuges. A professional course of environmentally friendly heat treatment often is all that will effectively destroy a widespread bedbug population.

Silverfish Distress

The misleadingly named silverfish has nothing to do with the cute goldfish in your fishbowl. Rather, silverfish are small insects that wriggle somewhat like fish and feed on book adhesives, coffee grounds, grains of sugar, some kinds of clothing and other materials. Silverfish do not carry disease, but they do tend to inflict a hidden realm of damage on property. Visible silverfish activity likely indicates a serious underlying problem that should be treated professionally.

Termite Exterminator

It’s nice to feel feel safe in your home after returning from a long day. The wooden frames of most modern and older houses are indeed built to hold up well over decades. However, an enemy within can slowly eat away at wooden structural-support elements until they’re seriously weakened and vulnerable to sudden collapse. Termites play an indispensable role in the natural world, breaking down dead trees and making way for new growth, but they’re destructive pests when they leave that natural world for homes and businesses. Termite infestations should be addressed as soon as possible after detection.

Rodent Control

While rat infestations can be a special problem for warehouses, docks and some other locales, silent invasions of mice tend to pose a bigger problem for homes, restaurants, hotels and other food-rich centers of human activity. Mice play a large role in the complex ecosystems of the wild, especially as food sources for other animals, but they cause serious problems when they push into human-inhabited areas in search of easy food and nesting opportunities. Beyond evoking reflexive disgust in many residents and business patrons, mice can contaminate food stocks, chew through wiring inside walls and carry serious human-transmissible diseases such as hantavirus and rat-bite fever. Given that mice are supremely suited to hiding in inaccessible nests and scurrying away from the slightest sign of danger, professional treatment frequently is the only option for removing a mice problem.

Pest Control Services for Houston

You need not silently suffer the consequences of unwanted invasions. Please contact Bugs-Or-Us today for a quick, no-obligations quote on effective and affordable pest control services in the greater Houston metropolitan area.

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