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Bed Bug Control

In past decades, bedbugs were the subjects of stories from long-gone eras. Some people may have even heard their grandparents talking about people burning old houses down or taking other extreme measures to eradicate these pests. Bed bugs have been making a strong comeback in the United States recently, and they are becoming problematic in Houston. Every resident should know how to identify bed bugs.


Identifying Bed Bugs

These pests are brown, flat, small and round. A popular old rhyme talks about scaring them away with a flashlight, which does have some truth to it. Bed bugs try to avoid light, so they are often found crawling between mattresses, under sheets, under furniture cushions and even in the carpet. Use a flashlight to look in darker areas, around furniture and under mattresses. Look for specks of black dirt, which is their fecal waste. Another sign of bed bugs is a musky smell in a concentrated area.


Risks Of Bed Bugs

The most problematic issue with bed bugs is that they repopulate quickly. A colony of a few lone pests will quickly turn into thousands of unwanted house guests. They can spread and take over an entire home quickly. In addition to this, their bites can contain staphylococcus bacteria as well as other types of bacteria. Since they normally appear in a straight line, the small red bumps left by bed bugs’ bites are distinct.


When bed bugs are positively identified or even suspected, it is important to call a professional pest control company immediately. For a free quote and fast service, contact Texas Bugs-Or-Us.

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