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Bat Control

Do flying, menacing creatures of the night keep you from enjoying activities in your own backyard? You have every right to worry, as bats carry diseases and rabies in some cases. In addition, an accumulation of bat droppings leads to a specific fungal growth that causes lung disease in humans. Don’t let bats keep you indoors; let Texas Bugs-Or-Us take care of the problem for you.

Identifying Bat Infestations

If you haven’t seen the bats directly, listen for activity in your attic or around your home. In addition, check for brown staining around the openings along the roof line. This brown staining occurs due to a deposit of oils in the bats’ fur as they enter and exit the openings. Other signs of bats include segmented droppings with bits of insect parts left behind.

Nesting, Diet and Reproduction

While some bats live together in large colonies, other bats prefer to fly solo. Either way, the bats nest in small openings around your home and feed on flying insects in the yard. Female bats produce at least one litter per year, and the infants stay with their mothers until they mature enough to hunt on their own

Eliminating the Bat Problem in Houston

Because of rabies and other diseases, a bat infestation raises serious concerns. We understand how you feel and work quickly to eradicate the bat problem around your home. For both preventative and curative bat control, we use specialized equipment and ensure you have a safe environment for your family. Get in touch with the professionals at Texas Bugs-Or-Us for a free quote, and let us handle your bat problem so you don’t have to.

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