Fresno Pest Control

Bedbugs don’t ask for permission to move into your home. Termites and rodents don’t care whose home they invade as long as it’s comfortable and safe. Fresno residents who have these unwelcome guests living in their homes know the discomfort they cause.

Bed bugs

Bedbug_-_5Bed bugs are the ultimate invaders. They can get in your home on your clothing, in a package or on a pet. Once they get inside, they find a place to hide. Then, they start breeding. It only takes a few weeks for bed bugs to establish a large colony that spends its nights looking for blood. They’ll attack you, your family and your pets while you sleep. Once they’ve fed, they retreat to their hiding places. If you wake up with small bite marks on your legs and body, you probably have bed bugs.


Termites aren’t just a nuisance. They can cause real damage to your house by hollowing out your home’s main support beams. They’re hard to notice because they burrow deep inside your house where they eat their fill. They can destabilize your home in a few months.


Rats and mice love warm, dry pantries, attics or basements. They establish colonies near a source of water and food. Like bedbugs, rodents spend their time in the dirtiest parts of your home where they brush against germs of all types. Then, they spread those germs as they scurry about your home.

It takes a professional to rid your home of these nuisance pests. At Texas Bugs R Us, we hate those pests as much as you do. They’re unacceptable. If your home is infested by any of these common nuisances, don’t hesitate to call us for a free estimate to solve your problem.

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