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When pests invade your business, you cannot afford the resulting poor reputation or damage they may cause.

It can be crippling to businesses when pests invade. It will lead to costly repairs and a poor reputation. One of the worst infestations is from termites. This can last for years before damage is discovered. Termites enter a structure and begin a rampage of destruction. Besides wood, plaster, metal, and siding may fall prey to termites. To detect problems early, there are numerous signs of trouble that are common. With subterranean termites, problems may initially appear as water damage. Wood may buckle, floors and ceilings may swell, and a scent of mold may be in the air. Drywood termites bring damage inside walls and furniture. It is hard to detect until severe damage has occurred.

It is essential to contact a commercial pest control management service. They will take care of the situation and restore the area. Bugs-Or-Us is proud to serve the Houston, TX area. We are prepared to deliver comprehensive services to all clients. We visit your facility and provide a free estimate and consultation. After we perform a detailed inspection, we explain the results and recommend a custom plan of action. Besides removing the pests, we also take preventative measures to keep the bugs away for good.

Our company is fully licensed and insured. Through our use of the latest technologies, our services are guaranteed. We will get rid of and manage your infestation troubles. Using a combination of treatments, your pest problems will be solved quickly and efficiently. Our service team is continually being educated and trained with the newest strategies to fight pests. Do not let termites harm your business’s physical facility or reputation. Allow our experts to team up with you and keep things running smoothly and damage-free. To schedule an appointment or for more information, give us a call at (713) 574-4931.

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