Texas Bugs-Or-Us Expands Range of Pest Control Services for Commercial Clients

Texas Bugs-Or-Us, a premier pest control firm in Houston, has unveiled additional commercial pest management services for local businesses. The company provides free consultations and estimates for commercial properties. After detailed inspections, a treatment plan is discussed. A range of commercial facilities are now treated, including Class-A commercial facilities and LEED certified projects, educational buildings, medical facilities, and industrial environments and warehouses. All solutions are tailored specifically for the client’s needs.

Exclusive Pest Control for Schools and Daycares

The sensitive environments of schools means children are especially vulnerable to pests and the potential hazards they pose. Green Pro Certified, by the National Pest Management Association, the company uses the latest and best tools and techniques to eliminate pests from schools, day cares, colleges, and other educational environments.

Highly trained, licensed, and insured technicians target the most likely areas pests get inside. They often do not use harmful chemicals. The goal is to remove the food, water, and shelter pests need to survive so they cannot flourish or even exist any longer. Bed bugs are a common and difficult pest in the Houston area. In addition treating these, Texas Bugs-Or-Us specializes in eradicating cockroaches, mice, rats, flies, and others from school buildings.

“Children represent the future of our country,” said Calvin Thigpen of Texas Bugs-Or-Us. “We have incorporated the latest techniques, training, equipment, and service to deliver pest control that targets the root of the problem – the environments pests thrive upon. Our team possesses the education, courtesy, and respect to complete the job while making our clients feel comfortable.”

It’s more than just about eradicating pests. The company goes further with prompt return of phone calls, trained service professionals, and a bill formatted so it’s easy to understand. Its commitment to customer satisfaction is unprecedented. All vehicles are clearly marked and standard company uniforms are worn for every service call.

To learn more about Texas Bugs-Or-Us and its full range of commercial pest management services, go to http://www.texasbugsrus.com/commercial-services.

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